Beau mirchoff and ashley rickards dating

In the video above, Mirchoff says he’s sure about one thing: Matty would try to turn heads with his featured image.

“Matty probably has his shirt off in his profile picture,” he says.

Maybe we could jump after the finale and Matty has a job in insurance and is married with kids and coaches the soccer team.” On directing an upcoming episode: “It’s 100 percent different. Just yell at everyone [laughs]…They wanted me to succeed.This topic is touched upon in the third season, and while I'm a slightly better dancer than Matty, what you see on TV is pretty much what I can offer.""I think Matty's finally giving love…but it's not being reciprocated in the ways that he needs.That's not to say Jenna doesn't love him, but maybe she's a little blind or distracted in her own life.Will Matty and Jenna still be together, or will they have moved on?It’s too soon to say, but in a recent interview with MTV News, actors Ashley Rickards and Beau Mirchoff -- who play Jenna and Matty, respectively -- dreamed up their characters’ mock online dating profiles, just in case.

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