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They were the feudal castles located on low-lying land and surrounded by fortified walls topped with towers.

Many castles of the 14th, 15th & 16th centuries have Gothic features in their architecture.

The strength and impregnability of this type of castle was achieved both by its construction and as a result of the height & steepness of the hill on which it was built.

The second group includes the castles of a later period dating back from the 16th century.

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This term also referred to all types of fortifications as well as the residences of the nobility.

Later, Bona Sforza Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania, placed in Grodno her royal residence.

Records are held both in Grodno and Vilna archives.

Stone and wood often supplemented each other within one structure. We can glean some idea about these structures from property inventories and a small number of old pictures.

The castles are divided into two groups, depending on their location. These are older fortifications, which had appeared before the 15th century.

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