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That same year, he was also cast in Ridley Scott's thriller Black Hawk Down. Hardy has demonstrated a truly fearless willingness to drop trou at the slightest provocation, worthy indeed of that other great (and by now legendary) U. But it was 2008's Bronson, a bio-pic about the infamous prison inmate, that Tom really gave skin-fans a full-on full-frontal skin extravaganza, in which he seemed to be naked more often than clothed!More recently he's continued this fine tradition in a short flick made last year called "Sgt.

Check out this clip from the Starmale video archive: One way or another over the years, we've somehow managed to miss blogging about one of Hollywood's sturdiest and studliest stars, Matt Damon.The internet still being largely uncensored in such countries can allow gay interactions without the persecution of the law.British actor Tom Hardy has been making movies (and lots of them) over the past decade, but it was only with the success of last year's Inception that he really blasted into public consciousness bigtime. The 34-year-old Hardy was mostly raised in London and began his career by winning the role of Private Janovic in the phenomenally successful mini-series Band of Brothers (2001). Nude scenes abound, including some superb moments in flicks like Stuart: A Life Backwards, Colditz and Scenes of a Sexual Nature.So if you are gay in Russia then perhaps you are in big trouble.Except if you keep it secret and check out sites like these now and then.

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