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Home Christmas Traditions Coming Of Age Death Rites Festivals Folk Beliefs Food And Drink Games And Toys Lifestyle Music And Dance People Religion Strange Traditions Traditional Fashion Wedding Traditions About Contact Wedding traditions differ from culture to culture, nation to nation. After the wedding ceremony, friends of the groom take off his socks, tie a rope around the ankles, and start beating soles of his feet with dried yellow corvina. It is done so to make the groom stronger before the first wedding night.Some of traditions are actually quite hard to explain. Koreans believe that if the groom is smiling a lot at the wedding his first child is going to be a daughter.The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is located in Central Asia.Its culture, traditions and customs are unique to its geographical setting as a landlocked country.After the wedding groom's parents throw some nuts and plums to the bride. There is also a tradition where guest at the wedding throw some other objects at the happy couple.These objects are chestnuts (symbolizing respect) and jujubes ("daechu") or dried red dates (symbolizing diligence).

The people here flaunt a culture and tradition that are the result of ancient trade and migration.

They will also visit the grave sites of their deceased family and construct altars in their homes containing photographs of their ancestors, then offering them symbolic gifts in the form of food, flowers, and incense.

The night before the new year, families perform a ritual where incense sticks are burned, inviting the spirits of their ancestors to join them in celebration.

• The traditional greeting is with two hands prayer-like palms together known as a wâi. • Thai culture places certain spiritual importance to certain parts of the body.

If a local gives a wâi to you, to be polite, it is nice to wâi back. You should not point your feet at people, touch people with your feet, prop your feet up on seats or tables or step over people sitting on the ground. Avoid touching people on the head as this is considered very rude.

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