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Her films often spend huge tracts of time staring dead-eyed at people isolated in frames, usually not speaking, almost never articulating their pain or whatever’s going on in their heads.

Hers is a cinema of loneliness, whether they’re abstract narratives like “Dielman” or even docs about immigrants, injustices in America’s south or her own life, which remains private even when that’s all she’s filming. " is Richard Linklater's latest bittersweet romp“Dielman,” still her best-known work, is not included in BAM’s Akerman series, but only because it’s being shown elsewhere at the same time.

She has developed the Sexship Love Concept and is the author of the best selling book, “Sexship Love, the Art of Sexual Intelligence.” (This page is in French.

Click on the “translate” page in Chrome if you need a different language.) Quote or Mantra “Love and intimacy are the root of what makes us sick and what makes us well.

Occasionally she has a guest, including the men who pay her for sex.

There’s a modest crew, but watching “Jeanne Dielman” patiently unfold, in one unmoving, epic long take after another, you feel it’s just the two of them, working silently together to make one of the great and righteously angriest works of cinema-as-art.

Dean Ornish Tripped Up in a Partnership “It was a ‘my heart was destroyed moment’ more than tripping.

The hero of “Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles” spends most of the film’s 3 ½ hours alone in rooms. Gamely played by Delphine Seyrig, Jeanne has only one real companion: the film’s director, Chantal Akerman.

But talk is brief, if it happens at all, even if it’s her beloved but remote teenage son.

His physical disabilities left him unable to walk and speak – but now he’s finally able to communicate with his family and friends.

The Bryan family were told Jonathan had ‘profound and multiple learning disabilities’, which would mean teachers didn’t teach him to read and write. I love being able to tell my family and friends that I love them.

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But the main draw is a pair of bewitching analysts, bedecked in pink, who just so happen to be twins. But there is more to the sisters than meets the eye.

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