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Traditionally performed by male dancers, it developed in courts and theatres of Hindu regions contrary to other Indian classical dances which predominantly developed in Hindu temples and monastic schools.Although not clearly traceable, this classical dance form is considered to have originated from temple and folk arts that trace back to 1st millennium CE or before.Francesco Gabbani wins Sanremo 2017 with Occidentali’s Karma.Italian music is so diverse and has such a long and distinguished history that it’s impossible to describe in just a few words.A walk—or better yet, boat ride—through Bruges is like a bit of time travel: Canals criss-cross through a tangible history that dates back to the 13th century, when the Flemish town was a center of art and commerce (and more than twice as large as London).The city is still a destination for architecture lovers, who make for the Markt—a 2.5-acre plaza, closed in by buildings like the Gothic Belfry and the Neo-Gothic Provincial Court—and the neighboring Burg Square. A tripel from local brewery Fort Lapin, housed in a 17th-century fortress on the city's outskirts, is a work of art in itself.Beyond music, a walk through the Altstadt (“Old Town”) is a study in immaculately preserved buildings dating from the medieval and Baroque periods.

During the late 1500s, Italian opera originated in Florence.

This musical form came of age in the 1700s, a century when the nation built the La Scala and the San Carlo Theater, two of its greatest opera houses.

Further, the comic opera dates back to the late 1700s.

Plus, many Italians still enjoy classical compositions as well as releases from contemporary artists.

Italian classical music blossomed during the 1700s.

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