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We believepartners are strong, capable, independent and honest people who have suffered through a life-changing and life-threatening experience.

Treatment enables partners to make thoughtful decisions about their life moving forward whether their decision is to stay in or leave their relationship We utilize cognitive-behavioral treatment, psychoeducation., mindfulness meditation, EMDR, communication skills training, and pain-reduction techniques to facilitate healing in partners.

Our Stories Every group member has their own story to tell and their views are not the opinions of SAA as a whole.

In our meetings we encourage people to “listen for the similarities rather than the differences”.

In a safe, confidential, environment, you will be interviewed and assessed using state of the art techniques to decipher the presence and extent of sex addiction.

Then you will start a disciplined, task oriented weekly therapy to rid yourself of damaging behaviors that are hurting your current relationship and/or keeping you from your goals and dreams.

Discovery or disclosure of spouse/partner behaviors (“acting out”) including: chronic affairs, one-night stands or anonymous sex, use of prostitutes, use of massage parlors, frequenting strip clubs, excessive use of pornography, excessive masturbation, illegal sexual behaviors, loss of job due to inappropriate sexual behavior, problems with “cybersex”, chat rooms, downloading pornographic material, using adult dating sites for “hook-ups”.

There are many more sexual behaviors that, when excessive, compulsive and secret result in sexual addiction.

Three years later I was at college in my hometown in England and discovered pornographic cartoons on the internet.When all of the participants are adults, the use of a chat room to exchange sexually explicit messages or to arrange meetings is usually not illegal, but problems arise when one of the chat room participants is a minor.A minor under the Texas Penal Code is anyone under 17 years of age.We trust that they will bring you hope and inspiration.I worked the Twelve Steps seven years before I came to SAA.

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  1. I’ve recently met someone and we’ve fallen pretty hard for each other. Plus, she’s totally hung up on the fact that he said he was divorced on OKCupid. For reasons more pragmatic than principled, I am opposed to people dating before they are divorced.

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