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The Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls all support out of the box paging support that can be enabled at the tick of a checkbox.

When configured to enable paging, these controls automatically render a paging interface comprised of Link Buttons, Buttons, or Image Buttons.

These fresh events are intended to meet up the requirements and for better elasticity.

SPWeb Event Receiver Web Adding: event arises prior to a fresh web site is created, we can control the website to create or not to create by Web Adding event, then no Share Point site is created and the provisioning process is not started.

Potential performance issues can occur when you use fine-grained permissions.Share Point 2013 supports the accessibility features of supported browsers.For more information, see the following resources: When working with fine-grained permissions, it is easy to unintentionally encounter limits that prevent permissions from resolving.There is a little puzzlement among Asynchronousand Synchronous events, however I believe after reading this article, there will be no place for confusion in your brain, the reason for that I go behind a childlike practice to memorize The same babyish method, I want to share with you.A for Apple, A for Asynchronous and A for After events, so all Asynchronous events occur after the event, which does not stop the code to execute.

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