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S&M: Art is definitely what brought us together, I arranged for us to meet after being fascinated by Mitchs work. M: Although our work is similar in terms of colour pallet and occasionally design, they’re both completely different worlds of art.

S: I wake Mitch up with kisses, whispering morning to him hehe. M: I watch the sunrise either from home through our jungle front yard or drive to the coast to watch it. His art has the ability to take you somewhere really special.

EAST LANSING – More than three weeks lapsed between an alleged sexual assault involving three Michigan State football players and the university’s announcement that the players and a staff member had been suspended.

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels is calling for an institutional review of the oversight and reporting of incidents at Camp Dash, after allegations of sexual assault, aggravated battery and other issues at the healthy eating camp for youths.

Creep Catchers are non-affiliated groups of individuals who attempt to prevent child sexual abuse by posing as minors, using chat rooms and dating sites to lure adults willing to meet the minor for sex, and then exposing the adult by publicly posting videos of the incident.

Public and official reactions to groups of Creep Catchers have been mixed, with some supporting the intent of preventing abuse and others noting dangers of vigilanteism by untrained public.

In 2017, produced Age of Consent, a full-length documentary film following Justin Payne, the first to engage in these public actions and covering the ensuing Creep Catchers movement.

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