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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio legalized medical marijuana, but that doesn't mean anyone can light up a joint whenever they please -- far from it. John Kasich creates a regulated program controlled by three government agencies that won't be set up for at least a year.

And the law explicitly prohibits smoking marijuana or growing it at home.

Doctors must register with the state, which will require completing some type of continuing education about cannabis, before being able to recommend marijuana to patients with whom they have bona fide relationships.

Male persons of the age of eighteen years, and female persons of the age of sixteen years, not nearer of kin than second cousins, and not having a husband or wife living, may be joined in marriage.

A marriage may only be entered into by one man and one woman.

The law leaves much of the details of the program up to the Ohio Department of Commerce, State Pharmacy Board, State Medical Board and a yet to be appointed bipartisan advisory committee.

But here are answers to some of readers' most frequently asked questions about the law. Patients qualify if they have the following conditions: HIV/AIDS; Alzheimer's disease; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); cancer; chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE); Crohn's disease; epilepsy or another seizure disorder; fibromyalgia; glaucoma; hepatitis C; inflammatory bowel disease; multiple sclerosis; pain that is chronic and severe, or intractable; Parkinson's disease; post traumatic stress disorder; sickle cell anemia; spinal cord disease or injury; Tourette's syndrome; traumatic brain injury; and ulcerative colitis.

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